Co-requisite Grades

Co-requisite course grades are not included in a student's semester or cumulative grade point average (GPA). The state limits enrollment in any one co-requisite course to two semesters. See Course Repeat Policy. 

Letter Grade Grade Point
S-Satisfactory Awarded for satisfactory completion of each developmental course (MDE 54, MDE 61, EDE 11; or ESL courses)
U-Unsatisfactory Awarded for unsatisfactory progress in a developmental course (MDE 54, MDE 61,EDE 11 or ESL courses). Students who receive a grade of "U" should consult with their instructor and an academic advisor prior to re-enrolling in the same developmental course.
W-Withdrawal No grade point credit (a grade of withdrawal implies that the student was making satisfactory progress in the course at the time of the student's withdrawal).