Uniform Certificate of General Studies (UCGS) Approved Electives

Code Title Credit Hours
ACC 211Principles of Accounting I3
ACC 212Principles of Accounting II3
ACC 215Computerized Accounting3
ADJ 100Survey of Criminal Justice3
ADJ 133Ethics and the Criminal Justice Professional3
ADJ 211Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedures I3
ARA 101Beginning Arabic I5
ARA 102Beginning Arabic II5
ART 101History and Appreciation of Art I3
ART 102History and Appreciation of Art II3
ART 121Drawing I3
ART 122Drawing II3
ART 131Two-Dimensional Design3
ART 132Three-Dimensional Design3
ART 153Ceramics I3
ART 154Ceramics II3
ART 235Functional Ceramics3
ART 236Sculptural Ceramics3
ART 241Painting I3
ART 243Watercolor I3
ASL 101American Sign Language I3
ASL 102American Sign Language II3
ASL 201American Sign Language III3
BIO 101General Biology I4
BIO 102General Biology II4
BIO 141Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 142Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO 150Microbiology for Health Sciences a4
BIO 205General Microbiology a4
BUS 100Introduction To Business3
BUS 200Principles of Management3
BUS 221Business Statistics I b3
BUS 227Business Analytics3
BUS 241Business Law I3
BUS 270Interpersonal Dynamics in the Business Organization3
CHI 101Beginning Chinese I5
CHI 102Beginning Chinese II5
CHM 101Introductory Chemistry I4
CHM 111General Chemistry I4
CHM 112General Chemistry II4
CSC 201Computer Science I4
CSC 202Computer Science II 4
CST 100Principles of Public Speaking3
CST 110Introduction to Communication3
CST 126Interpersonal Communication3
CST 130Introduction to the Theatre3
CST 131Acting I3
CST 132Acting II3
CST 136Theatre/Musical Workshop3
CST 151Film Appreciation I3
CST 229Intercultural Communication3
ECO 201Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECO 202Principles of Microeconomics3
EDU 200Introduction to Teaching as a Profession3
EGR 121Foundations of Engineering2
EGR 122Engineering Design3
EGR 140Engineering Mechanics - Statics3
ENG 241Survey of American Literature I3
ENG 242Survey of American Literature II3
ENG 243Survey of English Literature I3
ENG 244Survey of English Literature II3
ENG 251Survey of World Literature I3
ENG 252Survey of World Literature II3
FRE 101Beginning French I4
FRE 102Beginning French II4
GEO 210People & Land: An Introduction to Cultural Geography3
GEO 220World Regional Geography3
GOL 105Physical Geology4
GOL 110Earth Science4
HIS 101Western Civilizations Pre-1600 CE3
HIS 102Western Civilizations Post 1600 CE3
HIS 111World Civilizations Pre-1500 CE3
HIS 112World Civilizations post-1500 CE3
HIS 121United States History to 18773
HIS 122United States History Since 18653
HIS 267The Second World War3
HIS 276United States History Since World War II3
HIS 277The American Experience in Vietnam3
HIS 279Age of the American Revolution3
HUM 195Honors Seminar1
HUM 216Introduction to Non-Western Cultures3
HUM 246Creative Thinking3
HUM 260Survey of Twentieth-Century Culture3
HLTAny HLT except HLT 143 and HLT 144
ITD 110Web Page Design I3
ITD 130Database Fundamentals3
ITD 210Web Page Design II3
ITE 152Introduction to Digital Literacy and Computer Applications3
ITN 260Network Security Basics3
ITP 100Software Design3
ITP 232C++ Programming II4
JPN 101Beginning Japanese I4
JPN 102Beginning Japanese II4
MTH 154Quantitative Reasoning3
MTH 161Precalculus I3
MTH 162Precalculus II3
MTH 167Precalculus with Trigonometry5
MTH 245Statistics I3
MTH 261Applied Calculus I3
MTH 263Calculus I4
MTH 264Calculus II4
MTH 265Calculus III4
MTH 288Discrete Mathematics3
MUS 121Music in Society3
MUS 137Chorus Ensemble1
PEDAny PED course c
PHI 101Introduction to Philosophy I3
PHI 102Introduction to Philosophy II3
PHI 115Practical Reasoning3
PHI 211The History of Western Philosophy I3
PHI 212The History of Western Philosophy II3
PHI 225Selected Problems in Applied Ethics3
PHT 164Introduction to Digital Photography3
PHT 264Digital Photography II3
PHY 100Elements of Physics4
PHY 201General College Physics I4
PHY 202General College Physics II4
PHY 241University Physics I4
PHY 242University Physics II4
PLS 135U.S. Government & Politics3
PLS 140Introduction to Comparative Politics3
PLS 241Introduction to International Relations3
PSY 200Principles of Psychology3
PSY 105Psychology of Personal Adjustment3
PSY 210Statistics for Behavioral Sciences4
PSY 211Research Methodology for Behavioral Sciences4
PSY 215Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 220Introduction to Behavior Modification3
PSY 230Developmental Psychology3
PSY 270Psychology of Human Sexuality3
REL 210Survey of the New Testament3
REL 230Religions of The World3
RUS 101Beginning Russian I4
RUS 102Beginning Russian II4
SOC 200Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 215Sociology of the Family3
SOC 236Criminology3
SOC 253Sociology of Religion3
SOC 266Race and Ethnicity3
SOC 268Social Problems3
SPA 101Beginning Spanish I4
SPA 102Beginning Spanish II4
SPA 201Intermediate Spanish4
SPA 202Intermediate Spanish II4