Course Updates

Courses added or substantively revised since the publication of the Catalog can be found on this page.

HUM 220 Introduction to African American Studies (3 Credits)

Presents an interdisciplinary approach to the study of African-American life, history, and culture. Examines specific events, ideologies, and individuals that have shaped the contours of African-American life. Studies the history, sociology, economics, religion, politics, psychology, creative productions, and culture of African-Americans. The assignments in this course require college-level reading, analysis of scholarly studies, and coherent communication trough properly cited and formatted written reports. This is a Passport and UCGS transfer course.  Lecture 3 hours per week. Total 3 hours per week.

VET 295  Topics In: Introduction to Laboratory, Zoo and Wildlife Medicine Lab (1 Credit)

Provides an opportunity to explore topical areas of interest to or needed by students. Focuses on the identification, captive management, restraint and diseases of fish, reptiles, birds, rodents, rabbits, ferrets, primates, wild carnivores, and wild herbivores. Presents the fields of laboratory research zoological medicine. Laboratory 2 hours per week.