Security/Emergency Information

Campus Crime Report

The College’s annual Crime Statistics Report is available at

Emergency Information

Accidents and Injuries

If a serious accident or injury has occurred, any faculty, staff, student or visitor witness should call 911 (or 9-911 from a campus phone). The witness to the emergency should then follow the internal reporting procedure outlined below. The internal reporting procedure should also be followed for all accidents or injuries that are less serious in nature and which do not require immediate medical or police assistance.

Internal Reporting Procedure

All injuries, accidents and emergencies are to be reported to the Public Safety Department by dialing 540-453-2347 and/or the Public Safety Officer on duty by dialing 2370 (or cell phone 540-430-4564) and providing the person who answers with a description of what has occurred.

Please note: The College is not equipped to provide medical services on campus. However, a first aid kit has been placed in each building, laboratory and shop, in the Student Services reception area, and in the Business Office. Portable electronic defibrillators are located across campus and at several off campus instructional sites. The portable electronic defibrillators should preferably be used by an appropriately trained individual.