Students Transferring from Other Colleges

Students must be officially enrolled in a curriculum in order to be eligible for transfer credit.

An official transcript from each previously attended institution (excluding VCCS schools) is required for an official evaluation of credits to be completed. Students seeking transfer credit from another college or university should send official transcripts and the Transcript Evaluation Request form to the Office of Admissions and Records at least one month prior to the semester of enrollment. Students should not submit a request for transcript evaluation or request official transcripts from previously attended institutions until all courses are complete and grades are posted. 

Generally, no credit will be given for courses with a grade lower than a grade of “C” or courses taken as Pass/Fail (P/F). Students are required to complete 25% of their curricular requirements at BRCC. Transfer students may be advised to repeat courses if it is clearly to their advantage to do so to make satisfactory progress in the curricula. 

Transcript evaluations will be completed within 45 days of receiving the request form and official transcript.