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The College offers a variety of student activities that cater to student interests in educational, cultural, and social experiences. Student government, intramural athletics, honor societies, clubs, and special interest groups operate with the approval of the Student Government Association and/or the College administration. The procedures and policies necessary for official recognition can be obtained from the Student Activities Coordinator. For more information, please see

A student activities fund is established to support the program. The fund consists of a portion of the comprehensive student fee, receipts from student activities, and other local contributions. These funds support only student activities which have been authorized by the duly-elected student government, its advisors, the College administration, and the College Board. The College Board is responsible for the control of these funds under the procedures established by the Virginia Community College System. Accounts for returning official student organizations are maintained by the clubs themselves with assigned account numbers, while newly organized student organizations are maintained through the Student Activities Office. All funds are overseen and dispersed by the Vice President of Finance and Administration. Off-campus accounts are prohibited.

Student Government Association Constitution

Copies of the Student Government Association Constitution are available in the office of the Student Activities Director which is located on the first floor of the Houff Student Center.

Student Organization Guidelines

  1. Organizations may be established within the College for any lawful purpose. Affiliation with an extramural organization, such as a national society, shall not in itself disqualify the College branch or chapter from institutional privileges.
    1. All students and faculty sponsors or advisors of clubs, organizations, and activities, who wish to organize, must apply to the College for official recognition. A packet of application materials, including a copy of the College policies, is available in the office of the Student Activities Director. The Student Organization form, that includes the information listed below, must be completed and submitted to the Student Activities Director:
      1. a constitution, mission or statement of purpose;
      2. the name(s) of the organization’s advisor(s);
      3. a current list of officers and the SGA Representative with emplid numbers;
      4. a current list of other members with emplid numbers to meet the club membership requirements of 6 active members; and
      5. the date, time, and place of regularly scheduled meetings.
    2. After receipt of this document, the Student Activities Director will take the following action:
      1. File the organization’s petition for official recognition with the document noted above and seek administrative approval.
      2. Respond in writing, with respect to the official action taken on the organization’s request for official recognition.
    3. Recognition of an organization does not imply approval or disapproval of the aims, objectives, policies, and activities of the organization.
    4. Any organization which fails to maintain a current advisor, officers, membership requirements, or schedule of meetings, or engages in illegal activities on or off campus, may have sanctions imposed against it. These sanctions may include admonition, probation, restitution, and withdrawal of College recognition. BRCC reserves the right to restrict the participation of students who have been convicted of a felony or who are listed on the Sex Offender Registry.
    5. College facilities may be assigned by the President of the College or his designee to College organizations and community civic groups for regular business meetings, social programs and other programs open to the public. If, in the opinion of the President, the group poses a serious threat to the continued well-being and safety of the institution, the use of facilities may be denied. Reasonable conditions may be imposed to regulate the timeliness of requests, to determine the appropriateness of the space assigned, to regulate time and use, and to insure proper maintenance.
  2. A student group or organization of the College may distribute non-commercial written material on campus without prior approval providing such distribution does not disrupt the operations of the institution. Editorial freedom of the student press entails a corollary obligation under the canons of responsible journalism and applicable regulations of the Federal Communications Commission. All student communications shall explicitly state an editorial policy on the editorial page to the effect that opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the College or its student body.

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