Change of Registration

The guidelines listed below are for courses which meet throughout the course of an entire sixteen-week semester. Courses of other lengths have unique deadlines which are listed in the Academic Calendar, found at Students are responsible for knowing the deadline dates for add, drop, and withdrawal each semester.

  1. Addition of a course: usually students may add a new course during the first five class days of a semester.
  2. Dropping a course with a tuition refund: usually students may drop a course and receive a tuition refund during the first eleven class days of a semester.
  3. Withdrawal from a course: usually students may withdraw from a course and receive a “W” grade from the twelfth class day through the ninth week of a semester, which represents 60% of the semester. A withdrawal after 60% of the semester has passed will result in an “F” grade except under mitigating circumstances; this requires the documented approval of an Academic Dean. Students who wish to request withdrawal under mitigating circumstances must meet with a College academic advisor to initiate the process. The request for withdrawal under mitigating circumstances and all supporting documentation must be submitted no later than 10 days after the start of the subsequent semester. No withdrawl policy outlined in the college catalog can supercede a grade penalty resulting from an act of dishonesty.