Eligibility for In-State Tuition Rates

The Office of Admissions and Records is responsible for making an initial determination of eligibility for in-state tuition rates, based on information provided by the student on the “Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates,” included with college application materials. Eligibility is determined by using State Council for Higher Education guidelines pertaining to Section 23.7-4 of the Code of Virginia. 

An individual must demonstrate, with clear and convincing evidence, residence in Virginia and the intent to remain in Virginia indefinitely to establish domicile in Virginia. After meeting the requirements to establish domicile, a person must continue to be domiciled in Virginia for at least 12 months prior to the first day of classes.

Domicile is a technical legal concept, which means more than simple “residency” in the state of Virginia. A legal domicile must demonstrate the intention of remaining in Virginia indefinitely. Demonstration of intent is usually accomplished through objective evidence. For a listing of acceptable documents for demonstrating legal residency, please visit www.schev.edu/index/tuition-aid/in-state-residency. 

A student under the age of 24 generally assumes the domicile of the parent(s), unless the student’s parents have surrendered the right to the student’s care, custody, and earnings, do not claim the student as a dependent on federal or state income tax returns, and have ceased to provide the student with substantial financial support.

Applications for reclassification of domicile status and all supporting documents must be submitted prior to the first day of the semester. The domicile status in effect on the first day of the semester determines the tuition rate for that semester. Additional information about eligibility can be obtained in the Admissions and Records Office.

Students who disagree with an initial determination of eligibility made by the Office of Admissions and Records may request another review by providing additional information and documentation in accordance with the “Domicile Appeals Process” outlined in College Policies.