College Level Grades

Letter Grade Grade Point
A - Excellent Four grade points per credit
B - Good Three grade points per credit
C - Average Two grade points per credit
D - Poor One grade point per credit
F - Failure Zero grade points per credit
W - Withdrawal No grade point credit (a grade of withdrawal implies that the student was making satisfactory progress in the course at the time of the student’s withdrawal).
I - Incomplete No credit; used for verifiable, unavoidable reasons. To be eligible to receive an “I” grade, the student must:
(1) have satisfactorily completed more than 60% of the course requirements and attendance and
(2) must request the faculty member to assign the “I” grade and indicate why it is warranted.
The faculty member has the discretion to decide whether the “I” grade will be awarded. Since the “incomplete” extends enrollment in the course, requirements for satisfactory completion shall be established through consultation between the faculty member and the student. In assigning the “I” grade, the faculty member must complete documentation that:
(1) states the reasons for assigning the grade;
(2) specifies the work to be completed and indicates its percentage in relation to the total work of the course;
(3) specifies the date by which the work must be completed (deadlines: May 1 for Fall; August 1 for Spring and December 1 for Summer) and;
(4) identifies the default (B, C, D, F, P, S, or U) based upon course work already completed.
Completion dates may not be set beyond the last day of the subsequent semester (to include summer term) without written approval from the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services. The student will be provided a copy of the documentation. An “I” grade will be changed to a “W” grade only under documented mitigating which must approved by an Academic Dean.
P - Pass No grade point credit; applies only to selected non-developmental studies courses.
X - Audit No grade point credit. Students desiring to change status in a course from audit to credit or from credit to audit must do so by the official last day to add a course. Students who desire to earn credit for a previously audited course must re-enroll in the course for credit and pay normal tuition to earn a grade other than “X.”