Medical Coding-Hospital

Award: Career Studies Certificate

Purpose: To provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills in health records, medical coding, and reimbursement processes. The program’s primary focus is on ICD-9/10 coding for hospital applications and preparation for the Certified Coding Associate and/or Certified Coding Specialist exams.

Code Title Credit Hours
BIO 145Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology 14
HIM 190Coordinated Internship1
HIM 253Health Records Coding (Emphasizes ICD-9/10)4
HIM 254Advanced Coding and Reimbursement (Emphasizes CPT)4
HLT 143Medical Terminology I3
HLT 144Medical Terminology II 23
Total Credit Hours19

Students may substitute BIO 141 and BIO 142


While there is no prerequisite for HLT 144, students are recommended to complete HLT 143 first.