Veterinary Assisting

Award: Career Studies Certificate 

Purpose: To provide students with instruction in veterinary science in preparation for a position as a veterinary assistant in a clinical setting. Individuals with animal related interests, such as pet store personnel, dog breeders and pet owners, may benefit from this set of courses. Individuals interested in applying to the Veterinary Technology Program would benefit as well. All courses except VET 118 may be taken in any order for completion of the career studies certificate. VET 101 or VET 102 must be completed prior to VET 118.

Code Title Credit Hours
VET 101Introduction to Veterinary Assisting3
VET 102Care and Maintenance of Small Domestic Animals3
VET 103Veterinary Office Assisting3
VET 118Canine and Feline Behavior for Veterinary Assistants3
Total Credit Hours12