Child Development (CHD)

CHD 120. Introduction to Early Childhood Education. (3 Credits)

Introduces early childhood development through activities and experiences in nursery, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and primary programs. Investigates classroom organization and procedures, and use of classroom time and materials, approaches to education for young children, professionalism, and curricular procedures. Lecture 3 hours per week. Total 3 hours per week.

CHD 145. Teaching Art, Music, and Movement to Children. (3 Credits)

Focuses on children's exploration, play, and creative expression in the areas of art, music, and movement. Emphasis will be on developing strategies for using various open-ended media representing a range of approaches in creative thinking. Addresses strategies for intervention and support for exceptional children and English Language Learners. Lecture 2 hours per week. Laboratory 2 hours per week. Total 4 hours per week.

CHD 165. Observation and Participation in Early Childhood/Primary Settings. (3 Credits)

Focuses on observation as the primary method for gathering information about children in early childhood settings. Emphasizes development of skills in the implementation of a range of observation techniques. Seminar 1 hour. Field placement 4 hours. Total 5 hours per week. Prerequisite: CHD 120 or instructor permission.

CHD 205. Guiding the Behavior of Children. (3 Credits)

Explores the role of the early childhood educator in supporting emotional and social development of children, and in fostering a sense of community. Presents practical strategies for encouraging prosocial behavior, conflict resolution and problem solving. Emphasizes basic skills and techniques in child guidance. Lecture 3 hours per week. Total 3 hours per week.