Rationale for General Education Courses in the Associate of Applied Science

We Require Because We Expect Students To
ENG 111 or ENG 115 (3 credits) - some A.A.S. programs may require completion of ENG 112 (3 credits) …develop proficiency in communicating ideas, thoughts, and persuasive arguments.
Mathematics or Science (minimum 3 credits) …develop quantitative or scientific reasoning for use in critical inquiry.
Social and Behavioral Sciences (minimum 3 credits) …develop an awareness of historical or scientific methodologies and how those methods are applied to understand and affect individual and social behaviors.
Literature/Humanities/Fine Arts (minimum 3 credits) …to deepen understanding of historical and modern human thought and reasoning.

At least 15 credits of general education courses must be taken from the above areas.

In addition to the General Education requirements above, the following are also required for this degree

We Require Because We Expect Students To
Student Development SDV (1 credit) …understand concepts of personal development and wellness.