Rationale for General Education Courses in the Associate of Science

We Require Because We Expect Students To
ENG 111-ENG 112 (6 Credits) …evaluate information critically, incorporate writing skills and strategies, and construct coherent arguments.
General Mathematics (8 credits) …develop quantitative literacy, demonstrate effective quantitative methodology skills, and expand computational proficiency.
General Science (8 credits) …develop scientific literacy, apply methodolgy to interpret data and draw appropriate conclusions, and build problem-solving skills.
Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credits) …apply scientific methodology and critical thinking to social science disciplines, evaluating personal, interpersonal, social, economic, and cultural thought processes and behaviors.
History (3 credits) …exercise critical inquiry to evaluate and gain perspective about cultural, economic, political and social systems; analyze progress of human thought and behaviors over time; and demonstrate the civic knowledge needed to be thoughtful participants in a democratic republic.
Literature/Humanities/Fine Arts (6 credits- at least 3 credits must be literature) …identify and engage in current and historical cultural values, thought, aesthestics, and creativity as expressed in art, literature, music, philosophy, and religion.

In addition to the General Education requirements above, the following are also required for this degree.

We Require Because We Expect Students To
Student Development- SDV (1 credit) …navigate the college experience in a confident and comfortable manner.