Business Administration Approved Electives

Code Title Credit Hours
BUS 200Principles of Management3
BUS 227Business Analytics3
BUS 270Interpersonal Dynamics3
BUS 280International Business3
CST 100Principles of Public Speaking3
CST 110Introduction to Human Communication3
ITE 120Principles of Information Systems3
ITE 140Spreadsheeting for Business3
ITE 152Introduction to Digital Literacy and Computer Applications3
MKT 201Principles of Marketing3
MTH 154Quantitative Reasoning3
MTH 161Precalculus I 13
MTH 162Precalculus II 13
MTH 167Precalculus with Trigonometry 25
Any World Language 43-4
Science with Laboratory Elective4

MTH 161 and MTH 162 are pre-requisites for MTH 263


This course satisfies the prerequisite for MTH 263


Students who need prerequisites for MTH 263, and have a requirement for a world language should take MTH 167 as one elective and the world language as the second elective.


Students may not receive credit toward graduation for both MTH 245 and BUS 224