Art Approved Electives

Code Title Credit Hours
ART 101History of Art: Prehistoric to Gothic3
ART 102History of Art: Renaissance to Modern3
ART 132Three-Dimensional Design3
ART 153Ceramics I3
ART 154Ceramics II3
ART 235Functional Ceramics3
ART 236Sculptural Ceramics3
ART 241Painting I3
ART 243Watercolor I3
ART 283Computer Graphics I3
ART 284Computer Graphics II3
BUS 100Introduction To Business3
BUS 118Concepts of Supervision3
BUS 200Principles of Management3
BUS 205Human Resource Management3
BUS 224Business Statistics3
BUS 227Business Analytics3
BUS 240Introduction to Business Law3
BUS 242Business Law II3
BUS 270Interpersonal Dynamics3
CAD 140Technical Drawing3
CAD 161Blueprint Reading I2
CAD 225Machine Drawing and Design3
CAD 241Parametric Solid Modeling I3
CAD 242Parametric Solid Modeling II3
CAD 243Parametric Solid Modeling III3
MKT 209Sports, Entertainment, and Recreation Marketing3
PHT 264Digital Photography II3